Soaked Oats-The Shred pt 2

Soaked Oats-The Shred pt 2

27th July @ 8pm

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This July Soaked Oats are avoiding freezing to the spot by traversing the country in search of snow fever. The burgeoning boys return to Dunedin (The Cook), Auckland (Galatos) and Wellington (Caroline) for a typically exuberant snowcase.

Soaked Oats will be testing out new material live for the first time, as well songs from their 2017 releases ‘Stone Fruit Melodies’ and ‘No Slip Ups’.

Playing alongside them are locals Zero Cool.


Soaked Oats are a young four-piece band hailing from Dunedin, New Zealand. Lead vocalist Oscar writes clever, witty and thoughtful lyrics. Guitarist, Henry and his amazing pedal-board is on the noble path to tone mastery making the instrument sound like it was made by unicorns. Rhythm section Max and Connor provide the backbone, the funk and keep the party going.



Zero Cool

Date: 27th July 2018